If You Want to Run a Successful Roofing Company, Don’t Fail!

Most roofing companies fail within three years and that’s a fact. Why this is the case does not have to do with the quality of roofer.

Even with the best roofers in the world, if they don’t work at developing the business knowledge to succeed, they will never see long-term success in their local market.

To any roofer who has just jumped into the roofing business with their own company, you need to begin developing the business side of skills required to survive.

Having a Roofing Company requires a Business Mindset

Successful business roofing contractors have learned to master the four components of a successful business – marketing, sales, operations, and administration. This is what you need to do in order to gain full control of your success. In addition, focusing on over-delivering on your promises to customers does make a big difference. Trust us. Word will get out and over time, you’ll see referrals bring in even more business.

The other big difference between those that succeed and those that don’t, it’s the employees. Remember to hire slow, based always on talent and ability. Teach your employees how to do the job, give them some decision-making authority when they’ve earned your trust, and empower them!

When you’re ready to Expand, here’s What’s Up

Eventually, when a roofing contractor reaches a certain level of success, they want to expand. In order to do that though, a contractor needs to move themselves from the grind and invest more time into actually running the business. Roughly half of your time should be dedicated to running the business i.e. developing employees, working on business processes, and overseeing operations.

From there, increasing your marketing is going to be the next step to take. Take a thorough look into how you want to expand your marketing efforts and where you think the most growth might be. Consider consulting with a marketing company to use their expertise.

Among all this, a roofing contractor-business owner is going to need to evaluate the four key areas of their business to identify where improvements can be made. A business owner will also need to implement timelines, work on each division of their business, test improvements, launch improvements, measure performance and adjust accordingly, and keep growing!

Owning a Roofing Company is not Easy but you can Succeed

By adopting the right mindset, anyone can succeed in the roofing industry though it does require one to continue working at building knowledge. Being an expert roofer is just not enough yet sadly, so many think that it is and in turn, their businesses fail after six months, a year, two years, or three.

Learn from the mistakes of others and take the time to learn your business the right way. By repeating the lessons indicated here, you can establish and grow your business in a sustainable and significant way.

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