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Some of North America’s top roofing products are found in our product catalogue. Browse hundreds of products including some of the following top roofing products being used today across Canada and the United States.


Lexcor Wire and Cable Flashings incorporate a two-part, telescoping design ensuring a water-tight seal. Enjoy the added benefit of knowing in the event of sagging, deflection, or compression, these Wire and Cable Flashings are designed in a manner to hold. All joints are equipped with extra wide flashing flanges to maximize the seal, providing a permanent and effective solution on a commercial roofing membrane.


Roofmax Drysek is the ultimate roofing product for absorption with the drying granules drying much faster than sawdust. The next time you need ponding water removed from a roof, buy Roofmax Drysek all-purpose drying granules. There’s no need to use a pump and ultimately, they work as an amazing time saver when you might need it most. Biodegradable and eco-friendly, this is just the beginning to the advantages of this product.


Lexcor Flash-Tite Roof Drains are heavy-duty with mechanical membrane securement included. Compatible with a wide range of roof types, Lexcor Flash-Tite Roof Drains are premium built, eco-friendly, and performance-driven. Fit it wrinkle-free into the hopper with drainage happening right down to the membrane. Receive maximum water drainage with a roofing product that continues to be a popular choice with so many.


Roofmax Roofer’s Fall Protection Kit includes several key roofing components including harness, general purpose anchoring, lifebelt, a shock-absorbing rope grab, and double-headed nails. The Roofmax Roofer’s Fall Protection Kit will keep you safe and equipped for any commercial project. Be it on flat or sloped roofs, a quality fall protection system is needed. These specialized components won’t cause damage to the structure and on wood or steel, any roofer will be protected with this fall protection kit.


Lexcor Lexshield Air and Vapour barriers are a necessary commercial roofing product. Air and vapour barriers are what will keep a membrane properly insulated and protected from overt moisture. The structural integrity of a commercial property is dependent on products such as Lexcor Lexshield Air and Vapour barriers. Buy these for use in walls and roofs, as needed, and keep a commercial property safe from damaging moisture.


By implementing these top roofing products into your commercial roofing projects, you will ensure better protection, higher efficiencies, and an overall higher performing result. Lexcor Wire and Cable Flashings, Roofmax Drysek, Lexcor Flash-Tite Roof Drains, Roofmax Roofer’s Fall Protection Kit, and Lexcor Lexshield Air and Vapour Barriers are each among our best sellers.


Customer reviews have been consistently high across these brands and others. We know that professional roofing contractors deserve the best and that’s why we include only the best materials, tools, and products in our collections. is a premiere supplier of roofing materials, roofing products and roofing tools to some of the best roofing companies in North America. Since 2015, we have supplied roofing tools and products to professional roofing contractors, home builders, retailers, and building materials suppliers. These are the top five roofing products in our catalog this month!

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