Here are the Top 4 Roofing Tools on

There are hundreds of roofing tools out there from some of the world’s top brands. For professional roofing contractors in Canada and the United States, it can be difficult to know what the best tools are. In the last couple years, we have had many popular roofing tools come across our desks. These are just a few of the tools we would recommend to any roofing contractor.


Express Raptor Roof Torch is a unique roofing tool, among the most precise, fast, and safest torches in the market. See the flame ignite automatically with the piezo trigger and then, have the capability to automatically turn off when the torch is no longer being held. Featuring a high-output, short flame, the precision of control is far greater on a Raptor Torch than it is with other similar tools. It is also very lightweight at under 650 g, making it easy to carry and a quality balanced roofing tool.


Primegrip Seam Rollers are commonly used to increase the efficiency of welded seam work. Saving time and money, buying Primegrip seam rollers can help keep the pace up on a roofing job. For seams and detail work, and for any roofing specialist, this is an ideal tool to have in the arsenal. The use of Primegrip Seam Rollers are always unique to the job and when it comes time to use them, you’ll be thankful for its grip handles and heavy duty bearings.


Roofmax Pneumatic Roofing Cutter is perhaps the tool on this list that would be used most often by roofing contractors. Contributing to minimizing user fatigue, a good pneumatic roofing cutter will work wonders at keeping the pace up on roofing projects. Complete with tool-free adjustable exhaust and a hex grip, the lightweight nature of this tool means it can be easily carried on roofs. Durable construction and designed for extension use, if you’re adding to an existing collection of roofing tools, there’s no reason not to buy the Roofmax Pneumatic Roofing Cutter.


Estwing and Primegrip Hatches and Hammers are a collection of high quality items that any contractor would be well advised to consider. Designed for fast application, these items can be used to apply roofing nails, among other project materials. Powerful in use, Estwing and Primegrip Hatches and Hammers provide numerous benefits to those that use them. Consider choosing the models that best apply to your roofing specialization.


Being a professional roofing contractor is never easy but with the right set of tools, it doesn’t need to be that hard either. Load up the truck with the highest quality tools available and know that you’ll never be left out on a job without the right resource to get it done. is a premiere supplier of roofing materials to companies across Canada and the United States. Enjoy affordable, competitive pricing on the Express Raptor Torch, Primegrip Seam Rollers, Roofmax Pneumatic Roofing Cutter, and Estwing and Primegrip Hatches and Hammers. Featuring hundreds of roofing tools in our catalogue, shop now for the latest deals and to see some of the highest quality products in the market.

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