Is it Time to replace your Commercial Roof?

A commercial roof is one of the most significant components to any property. At some point, your commercial roof will inevitably require either a repair or a full replacement. By failing to complete the repair or replacement when it’s needed, it could result in higher long-term costs, structural damage, and a lack of protection for the key elements housed inside.


Many commercial property owners fixate on when the best time of year is to update their commercial roof. At times, one might be able to get away with this. That said, unfortunately, there’s always the risk of significant damage and an initial easy repair becoming a full replacement. In the event of a roof emergency, a roofing contractor should be contacted as soon as possible to, at least, assess the issue and provide some guidance on whether it is possible to wait.


If it is an emergency, thankfully, a professional commercial roofing contractor should be able to complete almost any repair and/or even a full replacement any time of year. During winter, costs may be higher as, due to inclement weather, a roof replacement would need to be completed as quickly as possible. This means contractors and crews working longer hours to get it done. Then again, if your commercial property is one of the lucky ones and you are able to wait a little bit to get it done, you may be able to coordinate a replacement for Spring.


The need for a roof replacement does not happen overnight. It typically starts with something as simple as a leak left unaddressed. As the seasons change, this can cause materials to contract and sustain damage, particularly during some of the harsher Canadian winters. Be it cold and snowy or hot and dry, bending and cracking of roofing materials is not unheard of. Please keep in mind that though Fall is the busiest time of year for roofers, if your commercial roof is getting on the older side, checking its quality in the Fall can help determine whether it will be able to withstand Winter. To this point, if your commercial roof is relatively new, you may instead wish to inspect it in the Spring following Winter as a means to ensure that any damage suffered in the more turbulent months can be repaired in time for Summer.


Age is not always the best predictor for when a commercial roof needs a replacement. As a commercial property manager may tell you, the key to taking care of a commercial roof comes down to maintenance and addressing any damage that may occur. Be sure to have it assessed regularly, coordinating these assessments according to weather and availability of your roofing contractor. All in all, commercial roofs should last at least a decade, if not multiple decades.


In replacing your roof, switching to a higher quality material is sometimes recommended. Consult with your local professional roofing contractor for more information on what material might be recommended and what maintenance procedures could be employed to help combat the seasons. If a full commercial roof replacement is required, negotiating for a roof replacement during the less busy months may also help save some money. Don’t hesitate to speak openly with your roofing contractor about a roof replacement and be sure to coordinate according to time of year, climate, cost, and their assessment of ongoing roof issues.

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