The Key Differences between Commercial and Residential Roof Systems

Ask any professional roofing contractor and they will tell you – commercial roofing and residential roofing are very different. They serve different purposes altogether sometimes, use different materials and installation techniques, and have their own unique maintenance requirements as well.


The most obvious difference between commercial and residential roofs comes down to the slope.

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Checklist of What to look for in a Commercial Professional Roofing Contractor

Finding an experienced and high quality commercial roofer is sometimes not so easy. The market is flooded with plenty of options and it can be difficult finding the most appropriate choice. Also, it’s likely that every friend or family member will be eager to make a recommendation on who they think is best. Any commercial […]

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Here the Top 5 Roofing Products on

Some of North America’s top roofing products are found in our product catalogue. Browse hundreds of products including some of the following top roofing products being used today across Canada and the United States.


Lexcor Wire and Cable Flashings incorporate a two-part, telescoping design ensuring a water-tight seal. Enjoy the added benefit of […]

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Here are the Top 4 Roofing Tools on

There are hundreds of roofing tools out there from some of the world’s top brands. For professional roofing contractors in Canada and the United States, it can be difficult to know what the best tools are. In the last couple years, we have had many popular roofing tools come across our desks. […]

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Should I Repair my own Commercial Roof – a Discussion

Some commercial property managers and owners may be looking to cut costs by repairing their own roof. Proper roof maintenance and repair is a necessary part of managing a property, especially considering the effects that harsh weather can have over time. Despite the wide range of renovations and maintenance that a property manager or owner […]

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Why Roof Ventilation is so Important

There are numerous ventilation systems employed in commercial and residential roofing installations across Canada and the United States. When it comes to ventilation, not every system is created equal. It is important to know that the contractor you’ve hired to install your roof is using a high quality ventilation product. There are also key decisions […]

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6 Common Roofing Problems Solved!

Anyone might see a roof and think, ‘That’s not so complicated!’ Surprisingly, roofs can be quite complex in their construction. Needed to support a property’s structure, to protect it from the elements, and when mixed in with the unpredictable mix of Canadian weather, there’s a lot that a roof is expected to do. In this […]

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When is the Best Time of year to Hire a Commercial Roofer – a Discussion

Canada and the northern United States notoriously struggle with some very unpredictable weather throughout the year. For property managers and commercial roofing contractors seeking to get roofing work done , it can be very difficult setting up a schedule. Also, it can really put some wear and tear on a roof, making maintenance all the […]

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Learning more about how Roofing Torch Kits and Accessories work

Torch kits are commonly used in commercial roofing when it comes to applying certain types of roofs, such as modified bitumen roofs. Without a torch, this type of work is near impossible to complete. Just as in other tools, torches can be used efficiently or can be misused as well. Torches used correctly ensure a […]

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Top 4 Signs that your Roof might be Experiencing a Leak

Canada has seen its fair share of long periods of rain, sometimes lasting days and even weeks. During colder times of year, combine this moisture with wind and cold, and quite easily, a commercial roof can begin to see leaks spring up. Prior to having your roof inspected and repaired, it’s key to know the […]

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The Benefits of Environmentally Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Roofing

Environmentally friendly commercial roofing is one of the hottest trends in the industry right now. Clients who choose to partially or fully cover roofing with vegetation, who employ solar panels, and/or who use eco-friendly roofing materials see a number of benefits.


Though traditional asphalt roofing made its name for being a cheap material, as an environmentally […]

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Is it Time to replace your Commercial Roof?

A commercial roof is one of the most significant components to any property. At some point, your commercial roof will inevitably require either a repair or a full replacement. By failing to complete the repair or replacement when it’s needed, it could result in higher long-term costs, structural damage, and a lack of protection for […]

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The Hidden functions of Steel and Metal work on your Roof

Steel and metal components are installed in the final stages of completing a roofing project. Accessorizing across various regions of the roof, the various ways in which steel and metal are used are integral to keeping a roof safe and efficient.


Among the areas where steel and metal are used in roofing, these include with drip […]

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A Glimpse inside the Tool Belts of Professional Roofing Contractors

Having the correct roofing tools is imperative to completing a safe and successful roofing project. Professional roofing contractors use a number of high quality roofing tools to get the job done, maximizing safety and efficiencies across the board. Be it roofing contractors or homeowners choosing to do roofing work themselves, the tools used are highly […]

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Confessing the Importance of Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

The process of ensuring a successful roofing installation begins with selecting the contractor who is going to adequately meet your needs and wants. No one is going to invest the time into completing due diligence regarding who to hire for your roofing contractor other than you.


Some of the common reservations we hear about why customers […]

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Strategies to manage the top 5 Safety Hazards for Slipping and Tripping in Roofing

Slipping and tripping are highly common in roofing. Every year, thousands of slip-related and trip-related safety incidents occur in Canada. Especially in regions of Canada where the weather is oftentimes unpredictable, it is incredibly important for contractors and construction managers to maintain

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