Why Roof Ventilation is so Important

There are numerous ventilation systems employed in commercial and residential roofing installations across Canada and the United States. When it comes to ventilation, not every system is created equal. It is important to know that the contractor you’ve hired to install your roof is using a high quality ventilation product. There are also key decisions that need to be made such as where to use ventilation and what ventilation product is best for a specific roofing type. For any commercial and residential property, ventilation is incredibly important and these are just some of the reasons why.


In its most basic definition, roof ventilation is all about temperature control. That’s something that is very important in North America as we can face an onslaught of unexpected weather seemingly at any time. In the winter, it’s not entirely uncommon to experience snowstorm after snowstorm, hail storms, heavy rain and ice, and temperatures that can drop low within minutes. In the summertime, the heat can, at times, be unbearable causing certain roofing components to warp. In the winter, it becomes about heating the space. In the summer, it’s all about cooling the property. To be successful in temperature regulation like this, ventilation is required.


There are many common problems with roofs that ventilation prevents. For example, ventilation prevents ice dams from accumulating in the winter. In the colder months, it also allows moisture to escape ensuring that the internal temperature is being maintained. During hotter times of year, it is important to have a method to allow hot air to escape. This is accomplished through ventilation systems. As this hot air escapes, it puts less stress on building’s cooling systems and less strain on any individual air conditioning systems employed.


Let’s say, for argument’s sake, one were to remove ventilation systems from a roof in North America. If one were to do this, firstly, they would see their energy bills increase as temperature regulation would be almost non-existent. Secondly, any leaks in a roof would worsen faster, resulting in threats to the structural integrity of the property and potentially resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Without ventilation, in a hot climate, the heat inside the home would build up putting further stress on cooling systems. Needless to say, the added expense and risk is not feasible. In large part, this is why roof ventilation is so important.


As you can see, high quality contemporary roofing systems all incorporate roof ventilation to some degree within their design. The exact nature of these systems can be complex so it is important that a professional roofing contractor knows exactly what they are installing.


As it pertains to aspects such as climate and type of roof, there may be a specific roof ventilation system more recommended than the others. An experienced contractor may be able to advise the different ventilation systems and why a given one is better than its competitors. Through proper installation and regular maintenance, roof ventilation systems can save thousands in the long-term, adequately protecting against mold, moisture, and dampness.

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