Should I Repair my own Commercial Roof – a Discussion

Some commercial property managers and owners may be looking to cut costs by repairing their own roof. Proper roof maintenance and repair is a necessary part of managing a property, especially considering the effects that harsh weather can have over time. Despite the wide range of renovations and maintenance that a property manager or owner can do, most professional roofing contractors would advise against doing any work on the roof. Here’s why.


Minor repairs are manageable and fixable, albeit dangerous. Should you require a full roof replacement, it is a sizable job when it comes to commercial properties. Depending on the roof type, it will likely require tools and equipment that you don’t have on hand.


The knowledge of proper installation also may not be something a property manager or owner has. Assuming there are one or two issues experienced in the installation, not knowing how to deal with those fast can end up costing. Because of the potential for error, using a professional roofing company can save frustration, time and money. Roofing repairs is not an area that most commercial properties will want to oversee on their own.


Despite all of that, if you’re still thinking about pursuing repairs on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind. Repairs can range from something minor to massive projects. Assessing the damage, you may not be able to adequately identify the original cause. In some cases, repairing what is believed to be the cause may only end up as a Band-Aid.


To this point, installing a roof on one’s own without the help of a professional roofer might create a time-bomb waiting to happen. A popular example of this is improper ventilation resulting in rot or water damage. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to install and properly assess the roofing environment, determining signs of issues where repairs are needed. In many cases, roofing contractors have saved commercial enterprises thousands of dollars in the long run.


The next thing to think about is that the more specialized the roof, the more areas there are for possible difficulties. If there has been a specialized roofing material used, this will require someone with more extensive knowledge in installation and repair to fix it. It is rarely as easy as hammering down a few nails after replacing a panel. The longevity of a roof can be significantly altered if needed maintenance is not completed appropriately.


Fixing a commercial roof on your own is unfortunately not much of an option. Even if it was a residential roof, it is still widely recommended to work with a professional contractor. All of the things we have discussed in this article have not even begun to delve into the safety concerns. Dangerous for even the most experienced, doing roofing work puts life at risk each and every time.


Just in terms of a leak as an example, finding the source of the leak, ensuring that you are aware of the extent of the damage, and then ensuring you have the tools and equipment needed to do the repair job is all a very big job. Attempting this on your own puts the property at risk. So be sure to hire a commercial roofing contractor who knows how to get the job done in a safe and correct manner.

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