Learning more about how Roofing Torch Kits and Accessories work

Torch kits are commonly used in commercial roofing when it comes to applying certain types of roofs, such as modified bitumen roofs. Without a torch, this type of work is near impossible to complete. Just as in other tools, torches can be used efficiently or can be misused as well. Torches used correctly ensure a sealed, durable roof that is more likely to last its full life span and potentially longer.


It takes skill to learn how to use a roofing torch kit and it’s always recommended to hire an experienced commercial roofer to complete any roofing work. That way, no damage will come to property and the risks of injuring one’s self is lowered significantly.


When it comes to torch kits, one of the most common types is propane gas torches. A wide column of flame is required to torch-on membrane. A large burner is thereby a necessity to torch. In general, roofing torches are fitted with long necks ensuring a user can stand up straight while applying flame to roof. This is the recommended stance to take when applying torch to roof, as it prevents the possibility of back injuries creeping up.


Connecting smaller bottles to the torch is not ideal for roofing as these bottles tend to be excessively heavy, difficult to physically handle, and don’t actually contain much fuel. Larger bottles are generally recommended, connected by hose which should be long enough to complete a strip of roofing without having to adjust the position of the bottle.


There are a number of hazards to consider prior to using a torch. Before starting any work, ensure the area has been cleared of dust and debris. A fire extinguisher should be on hand in case the flame causes an accident. Some commercial roofing contractors will even have a wet towel on hand in case of emergencies and/or when laying the torch down after extinguishing it. Be sure that anyone handling the torch kit or torch accessories is equipped with the proper gloves, boots, and goggles. Examine the hose for any signs of damage and any leaks that are found should be addressed immediately.


After buying your roofing torch kit, most will provide detailed instructions. Prior to using the torch, even the most experienced commercial roofing contractor is advised to take a look through the manufacturer’s instruction. That way, there are no surprises.


Complete, advanced roofing torch kits can serve a commercial roofer well. Efficiency and professional workmanship in roofing is not something that should be compromised. Buying a high quality torch kit is a necessary tool in the truck of any commercial roofer.


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