Confessing the Importance of Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

The process of ensuring a successful roofing installation begins with selecting the contractor who is going to adequately meet your needs and wants. No one is going to invest the time into completing due diligence regarding who to hire for your roofing contractor other than you.


Some of the common reservations we hear about why customers don’t hire certain companies to perform their roofing has to do with how long they’ve been in business, if they have a physical location, an inability to provide references, lack of insurance, and requests for ‘cash only’. When speaking with a roofing contractor, if any of these points rub you the wrong way, we suggest finding a more qualified contractor to get the job done.


The first recommendation when choosing a roofing contractor involves knowing what your options are locally and to go with a local company. That way, if there are any issues down the line or repairs that need to be made, you have someone locally to go to. Compare this to if you get your roofing installed by a company that is hours away. They may not be so quick to respond to emergencies, should one arise, and it may be difficult to get a contractor down to your residential or commercial property in the event of a problem.


The next factor in choosing the right roofing contractor involves credibility. For example, the products that a contractor will be installing, they should be certified to do so. The product warranties should be verified. Be sure to check online or check with the manufacturer to ensure that a company is registered and certified to sell a given material. Also, ensure that your roofing contractor has a liability insurance certificate. Search online through the WSIB for the contractor and ensure that they are “eligible for clearance certificates”. Please note that contractors specific to residential roofing installation are not provided clearance certificates however their eligibility should be able to be verified online.


Though budget is a consideration, we cannot emphasize enough how it should not be about finding the cheapest roofing contractor. In order to provide better pricing, it becomes easy for some companies to reduce the quality of work and materials, and to forego integrity in their workmanship. If you want the best roofing contractor for your circumstances, rarely is it the cheapest option. In order to have a contractor business with the necessary equipment, licenses, certifications, and ensuring that their team is properly trained, insured, and paid, this comes at a cost. That said, the right roofing contractor will do what they can to limit costs and keep pricing competitive. Don’t hesitate to ask for different ways to cut costs, if you are not satisfied with the initial estimate provided.


Finally, there are different questions or concerns you may want to discuss with your contractor prior to hiring, such as scheduling and timelines, and any unanswered queries you may have regarding the products about to be used. By gaining a full understanding regarding what a roofing contractor is offering, you can more accurately compare different contractors’ rates and services.


Choosing the right roofing contractor comes down to these elements and others. Should you find a contractor unable to answer key questions clearly and/or unwilling to provide certain information, it may be best to find somewhere else to put your roofing investment.

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