Checklist of What to look for in a Commercial Professional Roofing Contractor

Finding an experienced and high quality commercial roofer is sometimes not so easy. The market is flooded with plenty of options and it can be difficult finding the most appropriate choice. Also, it’s likely that every friend or family member will be eager to make a recommendation on who they think is best. Any commercial property owner should know what to look for in a professional roofing contractor. Consult this checklist before narrowing down your search to a few candidates and selecting the one who fits best.


The first step in the checklist is information gathering. Write out a detailed description of your commercial roofing project. Visit your local government office to determine whether the project you have in mind is in line with existing regulations. Lastly, ensure you have the information on any special permits that may be required.


The second step in the checklist is to build a list of qualified contractors you will consider. Seek recommendations from friends, families, or neighbours you trust. Consider checking out online reviews to get a sense of who has the best quality of work. Consult with industry associations and building supply stores. If you do find any complaints lodged against a roofing contractor, don’t hesitate to ask them what happened and how they handled the concern.


The next step is to get estimates done. Some professional roofing contractors offer estimates at no cost. Through estimates, you can determine what the cost will be. Obtaining estimates from multiple contractors can help provide some comparison. In gathering these estimates, ensure they include a list of work they will complete, and the materials and/or products they intend to use.


After you have decided on a contractor, it is time to fill in a ‘roofing contract’. This should include name of the property owner and address, a description of the project, information about materials used, the right to retain a lien holdback in accordance with local regulations, a statement indicating all work will be completed according to local laws and building codes, the total cost of the project, the agreed upon payment schedule and payment type, information about special permits and licenses, and agreed-upon start dates and end dates.


Lastly, there are a set of responsibilities for both property owner and contractor to follow. For the property owner, their role and responsibility is to ensure the contracted work is in adherence with local zoning regulations, that there is appropriate space for movement of workers, access to utilities, and that prompt payment is provided in accordance with what is set out in the contract.


Pertaining to the contractor, their responsibility is to ensure that all necessary insurance – i.e. liability and property damage insurance – is maintained, that the necessary permits and legal requirements have been obtained, workers’ compensation benefits for all workers, removal of debris is set up and arranged for after job completion, and that warranty information is provided on work and materials.


This checklist should assist in knowing what to look for in a commercial roofing contractor and how to proceed after you have selected a contractor for your project. These are all important points that should be followed, ensuring that you are protected as a commercial property owner from any damages or threats that may occur. By being clear on all points of the contract, both contractor and property owner should be put at ease regarding budget, schedule, and expectation of work.

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