When is the Best Time of year to Hire a Commercial Roofer – a Discussion

Canada and the northern United States notoriously struggle with some very unpredictable weather throughout the year. For property managers and commercial roofing contractors seeking to get roofing work done , it can be very difficult setting up a schedule. Also, it can really put some wear and tear on a roof, making maintenance all the more important.


One of the most common questions passed on to commercial roofing contractors is when the best time of year is to book. There are many factors that might determine the answer for a commercial property owner. The condition of the roof is key. For example, if you know your roof is not going to be able to survive another season, it might force your hand in terms of booking a full roof replacement or scheduling the necessary repairs.


To this point, if there is a roof leak, setting up a repair as quickly as possible is the recommended route as leaks are known to grow to become even bigger, more expensive issues as time passes.


The most responsible thing you can do for your commercial property’s roof is to ensure it is getting routine inspections and maintenance, as advised by your roofing contractor. An experienced roofing contractor should be able to tell you what can wait to be fixed and what needs to be addressed immediately.


Finding the right time of year to schedule a commercial roofing inspection, repair, or replacement may help save hundreds of dollars or provide some extra room to negotiate. All roofing contractors have a busy season and then a slow period. If you can catch them during the slow time of year, they may be willing to go lower on repairs or replacements. Arranging repairs during the slow season also ensures that adequate time is provided to get the work done. If you give call to a roofing contractor during off-peak periods of the year, it is all-around easier to schedule the work and get it done.


So when is the best time – well, that’s an interesting question. Throughout Fall and Spring, roofing contractors tend to be quite busy due to the properties getting prepared for Winter or completing inspections after the Winter months have passed. Considering this, the best time of year for commercial roofing to be done is throughout the Winter and Summer. For some materials, Winter might not be possible due to issues with temperature. That leaves Summer as the key period for most commercial properties to get updates, inspections, and repairs done. Be sure to consult with a commercial roofing contractor prior to deciding on a time of year to schedule the work.


Keep in mind that most commercial property managers are also aware of these slow-down periods. Between July and September is an ideal period that many property owners aim to get their roofing work done in. The best advice that can be given for booking a commercial roofing contractor is to speak with them directly to find out when is a good time for them. If keeping costs low are a primary motivator, a contractor might be willing to provide some accommodations in cost to get the work done on their time.


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