The Best Drones to Use for Roofing Inspection

Drones used in roofing inspection is increasingly common across North America. Held in high regard in the construction and building inspection industries as well, drones in roofing have significant value.

They make the inspection process go faster, lower costs, and there is no risk involved. By using a drone to determine the quality of roofing, a contractor can quickly determine whether there is any damage, any concerns, and other information about the roof.

Admittedly, some drones are better than others. Choosing the right drone for roofing inspection can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Investing in a drone for roofing inspection begins with surveying the options available.

Autel X-Star

The Autel X-Star has the features, design, and camera quality that are perfect for inspecting a roof. It’s easy to fly, very user-friendly, and is a good size. It has roughly 25 minutes of flight time, which makes it perfect for these type of applications. Though we don’t want to harp on specifics too much, the aerial footage that is gathered from the Autel X-Star always comes in clarity and with exceptional quality.

DJI Inspire 2

DJI is one of the world’s biggest drone companies. Even to a general person, they’ve most likely seen a DJI drone even if they don’t know it. The magnesium-aluminum cover, the high flying ability of the drone, and combined with a strong choice in camera is hard to beat. There’s a lot of safety and convenience to a DJI Inspire 2 drone so in terms of control and flying conditions, it’s second to none.

DJI Phantom 4

The legendary Phantom 4 is another quality DJI choice for roofing inspection. It come with a spare flight battery and a convenient protective backpack. With 28 minutes of fly time and a five kilometre range, it also comes with strong safety and convenience features. Also, the shake-free footage from its 4K camera also helps when showing an inspection to a client.

Yuneec Typhone H

The Yuneec model of drones are popular among drone enthusiasts but they’ve not quite caught on among general audiences. That said, it is still an impressive drone with obstacle avoidance functionality, a 360-degree 4K HD camera, and with retractable landing gear. The Yuneec model has an award-winning design and is a top-notch drone for inspecting roofs.

Choosing the right Drone for Roofing Inspection

Truth be told, there is no one drone above all the others when it comes to performing a roofing inspection.

Each of the drones mentioned on this list have received high ratings from roofing contractors. These are not the only drones either that work with a roofing inspection. There’s the GoPro Karmao, the Parrot Bebop 2, and so many others!

When it comes down to it, choose the drone that appeals to you. Depending on location, price point, and what you value in a drone, the right drone for roofing inspections is going to be different for each person.

Invest in a drone that you trust. The speed and convenience of a drone in roofing inspection more than makes it worth the buy. You’ll notice instantly how much faster you are at conducting an inspection and the convenience of not having to do so much work. If any of this interests you, check out the drones that are available in your local stores and see what works.

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