The Benefits of Environmentally Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Roofing

Environmentally friendly commercial roofing is one of the hottest trends in the industry right now. Clients who choose to partially or fully cover roofing with vegetation, who employ solar panels, and/or who use eco-friendly roofing materials see a number of benefits.


Though traditional asphalt roofing made its name for being a cheap material, as an environmentally sustainable product, it receives low ratings. There are some amazing opportunities with roofing, whether it’s using the climate’s natural rains or selecting a material with improved insulation. Eco-friendly green roofs in Canada are not just the future of the industry but they are one of the most widely requested roofing types in the market today.


The biggest advantage to selecting an eco-friendly roofing material are costs saved in heating and cooling. When it comes to commercial roofing, heating and cooling costs add up quickly. Roofing that has been manufactured to retain interior heat during the Winter and maintain internal cooling properties during Summer cuts down on one’s electricity bills.


More commercial buildings than ever are choosing to grow vegetation on their roofing platforms. By doing so, a commercial property manager accomplishes several things, reducing water run-off, creating a natural environment, contributing to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, improving sound insulation underneath, and increasing agricultural space in some of Canada’s most urban areas.


When installing an eco-friendly roof, we always recommend consulting with a contractor who knows how to accomplish a proper install. Even the most environmentally sustainable roofing material, when not installed properly, will fail to generate the rewards you want.


Also, depending on where you are in Canada, we always recommend seeing if there are any local, provincial, or federal tax incentives to install a green roof. At times, there have been property tax credit incentives and similar cost deductions made for commercial properties who have gone with eco-friendly, green roofing.


Choosing an environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly roof marks an ideal choice for the natural environment and supplies a commercial property with a wide array of benefits that are difficult to ignore. As more commercial property managers become educated on eco-friendly roofing choices, expect to see more companies choose materials that are eco-friendly, as opposed to the older, more ineffective commercial roof options.


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