4 Ways to Maximize your Roof’s Lifespan

Massive advancements in roofing technology has meant roofs lasting longer than ever before. Better materials and more thorough installation techniques have given many roofs the potential to last longer.

Choosing the Right Materials

If you want to maximize your roof’s lifespan, choosing the right materials is key. Traditional asphalt shingles are not going to extend your roof’s lifespan, for example. There’s just no way.

Do some homework regarding what material might work best for your property. Additionally, choosing materials from manufacturers with multi-decade warranties is also an indicator of how long a roof may last.

Proper Installation

The best materials don’t mean squat if they are not properly installed by a trusted professional roofing company. Workmanship must be up to par. Ideally, a roofer will be certified by the manufacturer and any materials used in the installation will be high quality.

This makes selecting the right roofing professional for installation very important. Be sure to browse through many options before making a final decision.

Ventilation and Insulation

Ventilation and insulation contributes to keeping a roof healthy. Ideally the temperature outside should be close, if not identical, to the temperature in your attic. The combination of proper ventilation and insulation will achieve this, thus avoiding problems such as ice damming and roof deterioration. Ensuring a roof is properly ventilated and insulated will result in maximizing its life span.


Lastly, there’s annual maintenance. This is nothing extensive. Just checking the gutters, ensuring the roof is in good shape, and identifying where any damage from the previous season may have taken place is enough. By putting in some time every year, you can save time and money on your roof, ensuring you get the most out of it in its lifespan.

These four tips should be enough to maximize the life of your roof. For any questions on these four points, ask your local roofing contractor. It never hurts to have a local roofing contractor you can depend on to provide an affordable estimate on repairs. By going with a contractor that also provides warranty on installation and materials, you can save yourself potentially hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run.

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