3 Ways to Increase Sales on Commercial Roofs and get more Customers

There are three key things to keep in mind when attempting to generate sales in commercial roofing markets.

Above all else, a successful commercial roofing contractor includes clear marketing messages, key pieces of business information, and techniques to build trust and credibility in their advertising.

Finding success in commercial roofing is not just about being honest and delivering a high calibre product. It’s about getting the word out! If you’re puzzled on how to break into the commercial roof marketplace and/or want to make more money from commercial roofing customers, here’s what you need to read.

#1 – Your Marketing needs to be Clear and Confident

It’s not enough to market your business – you need to know HOW to market your roofing business. For you to close a sale, a customer needs to believe you are credible, that what you are telling them is truthful, and that you have the knowledge to solve their problem.

Therefore, to overcome objections along the way, you need to ensure that any claim you make is true, that there is proof available on your website of your services (i.e. testimonials, etc.), and the benefits need to be clearly stated.

#2 – These are the keys to Successful Roofing Advertising

The average customer is not going to necessarily understand every insider term. Therefore, your focus needs to be not on explaining roofing concepts to the client but instead, should be on convincing the consumer that you are the right contractor to choose.

When you make a claim, you need to be able to back it up with real evidence. Testimonials and online reviews on social media and similar sites go a long way in building credibility. When a new customer arrives on your website, if there’s evidence from real people willing to support you, you are far more likely to qualify their interest.

Also, consider putting together company videos which can be posted to YouTube, using and building a catalogue of images of past projects and you on the job, and share any associations or certifications you maintain.

#3 – Use Real Examples

Developing a reputation in commercial roofing requires you to provide examples of projects worked on. Every time you work on a commercial roofing project, try to get some images to share on your website. This can help reassure commercial building owners of your experience and provides examples of the quality of work you are known for.

Build Trust and Credibility, and you will have success

To get more customers in commercial roofing, depending on the size of the marketplace, it can take time. Be patient. It’s not all going to happen at once. By following these three recommendations though, you will increase your sales and customers in the long-term.

Being a roofing contractor is to exist in a very competitive space. The only way to succeed is by out-competing others for the limited amount of contracts available. Though it can be easy to be discouraged, if you put in the work and play smart, you will get somewhere. Building trust is key. No one will hire you if they don’t trust you so if you’re not doing it already, learn how to build credibility and trust over time. This way, you can wage an effective marketing campaign, brand a lead-generating online presence, and increase profits in commercial roofing.

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